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In a parallel world not entirely different from our own, there exists a budding civilization of intelligent koalas who live and love as they deal with the perils of grove life. They themselves are in awe of their astoundingly rapid evolutionary development, and they will soon find a clue as to what may underlie their amazing progress.

Along the way, you will meet a slew of unforgettable characters…

- Doctor Koala, whose gruff manners hide a heart filled with compassion for his fellow creatures.

- Judge Grandaddy, responsible for the maintaining of law and order in the grove, and one of the King’s oldest friends and top advisers.


- Demure Maki Koala and her father Nory, the grove’s best carpenters, who work hard building tree houses and furniture for their grove-mates.

- Bumpy, Humpy and Dumpy three boisterous friends who live and thrive on the border between legality and lawlessness.

- Mayor Koala, proud and blustery leader of neighboring Koalatown, an established democracy that nonetheless tends ever-so-often to dissolve into chaos.

- Rolly, Koalatown’s judge; he’s the Mayor’s best friend, level-headed councilor, and ever-willing card partner.

… and many more who will bring you countless moments of utter delight, serious reflection, spontaneous laughter and above all, superb entertainment!

After leading the migration of his subjects to beautiful Eucalyptus Grove, the newly crowned "Prestigious Koala King" is astonished when his friend the Judge reports having found a huge, unusual object wedged amid a circle of boulders in the nearby forest.

Both are puzzled: Where did it come from? Why has no other koala ever reported having seen it? Does it represent a danger to their population? They decide to keep the discovery secret, and focus instead on the settlement of their population in the new grove, as well as on strengthening relations with neighboring Koalatown.

In this first book of the five-volume “Koalaland” series, the koalas of Koalaville plan their migration to a new and better grove, after having obtained it with the help of old Mr. Johnson, their only human friend.

In the second volume of "Koalaland – The Great Koala Novel", you will witness the great strides taken by the koalas to develop their society, and thereby improve their lot, in Southern Koalaland - not to mention all the ups and downs in the personal lives of our furry friends.

- The population of Koalaville re-locates to luscious Eucalyptus Grove, and begins the process of settlement.

- The koalas make the momentous decision to introduce a monetary system, with gold as a basis.

- Both groves decide to construct school buildings, and plan a curriculum appropriate for the teaching of young koalas.

- Justice catches up with poor Bumpy, and his subsequent trial turns into a minor sensation.

- Spring-time gives rise to a slew of romances, with all the accompanying emotional peaks and valleys that only the love-bug can cause! Why, even the Prestigious Koala King is smitten, and rumors abound that Eucalyptus Grove may soon have a queen...

Volume 3 of "Koalaland – The Great Koala Novel" serves as your formal invitation to attend “The Midsummer Celebration”, organized by the leaders of Eucalyptus Grove, and featuring a host of unforgettable events ? cultural, commercial and even athletic.

The grove is progressing admirably, as evidenced by the inauguration of the first school building, and by the preparations for minting the very first coins in Southern Koalaland.

Along the way, you’ll get a peek into the love lives of some of your favorite koalas...

Doctor Koala and Wuffy deepen their relationship; seamstress Muffy finds the koala of her dreams; and the Prestigious Koala King heads down the ominous romantic path of no return!

But alas! Fickle Cupid does not smile upon everyone, as poor Bumpy still pines over his lost Milly. Yet that doesn't keep him from living it up with his friends Humpy and Dumpy.

One of the highlights of “The Midsummer Celebration” is old Chashibu’s recitation of a most exceptional poem that was handed down from generation to generation since that defining event in the history of Southern Koalaland, the “Battle with the Hyenas”.

So come one, come all! Join your furry friends, and get a front-row seat at the “The Midsummer Celebration” right now!

How wonderful it would be if life were always as idyllic as it has been for our koalas in the three previous volumes of “The Great Koala Novel”! But alas, as we all know, the enjoyable epochs of our lives are often sadly and most rudely interrupted by bewildering calamities, unexpected disasters, and terribly

tragic losses. This is a lesson that the koalas of both groves shall learn only too well in Volume IV of our “Koalaland” series: “Deadly Confrontation”.

Yet despite the ominous occurrences looming on the horizon, there is a message of hope that serves to inspire our furry friends even in the most dire of circumstances.

As old Chashibu put it in his poem:

“In this story, a lesson may well be learned:
Even great disasters can sometimes be turned.
With guidance, and wisdom, while working as
And deciding to fight, instead of to run,
There is no limit to what koalas can achieve.
'Tis with that message, that I now take my leave.”

The Grim Reaper is back for more!

As we have witnessed, the intrepid koalas have successfully dealt with the terrible challenge of defending themselves against the evil hyenas.

After burying their dead, and mourning their great losses, they now desire nothing more fervently than to return to the noble task of building their civilization in Southern Koalaland.

A new school system, and the introduction of their first monetary system, which they have wisely based on the gold standard, are two sure signs that koala society may soon be developing at a faster pace than anyone could ever have imagined!

On a more personal level, Maki Koala has found a new, and rather peculiar-looking friend,

much to the surprise of many of her grovemates.

The general optimism, however, is cruelly crushed when the Council receives disquieting news from the northern groves: a plague of a most deadly disease has broken out in Noble Grove, and threatens to spread throughout all of Koalaland.

How should our furry friends confront this horrendous menace? Could this indeed be the beginning of the end of intelligent koala civilization as we know it?

Brace yourself for the worst, as you pray for deliverance - for you are now entering Volume V of Koalaland: “The Dreaded Plague”.

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