It isn't always easy to meet new people when you are traveling - especially if you aren't fluent in the local language. Here, you will find seven useful ways to meet people wherever you are, without ending up looking like a complete fool!

Written with a touch of humor, this short report is sure to have at least one method you can use successfully to expand your circle of friends, or even find a lover...

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a psychic? I myself had always been intrigued by this question, and decided to find out.

In "Interviews with Psychics", you will read the conversations I had with three different professional psychics, who answer questions such as:

- How do psychics receive their visions?

- What does it feel like to be psychic?

- Did they always have these "special powers", or did they develop them over time?

- Are there any questions from clients they would refuse to answer?

...and much more.

After leading the migration of his subjects to beautiful Eucalyptus Grove, the newly crowned "Prestigious Koala King" is astonished when his friend the Judge reports having found a huge, unusual object wedged amid a circle of boulders in the nearby forest.

Both are puzzled: Where did it come from? Why has no other koala ever reported having seen it? Does it represent a danger to their population?

They decide to keep the discovery secret, and focus instead on the settlement of their population in the new grove, as well as on strengthening relations with neighboring Koalatown.

In this first book of the five-volume “Koalaland” series, the koalas of Koalaville plan their migration to a new and better grove, after having obtained it with the help of old Mr. Johnson, their only human friend.

Anyone who is learning a foreign language will not want to miss this free E-Guide.

It offers sound, practical advice on how you can acquire excellent pronunciation, expand your vocabulary, master grammar, and engage in conversation in another language.

Far from representing a “standard approach” to the subject, “The Secrets of Successful Language Learning” gives suggestions that are often very unconventional, yet always extremely effective.

No matter whether you are now a beginner, or have already reached an advanced level of study: if your goal is to truly master a foreign language, then this book is for you!

This short report shows quite convincingly why practically any 5-octave digital keyboard should feature a range of F1 to f3, and not C to c4, as almost all of them have these days.

Admittedly, this topic is one which will only interest specialists, but it is the author's hope that this report will eventually reach a digital keyboard manufacturer, who might then be inspired to produce keyboards with the proper range for playing all of the keyboard music of the great composers of the 18th century: Bach, Handel, Scarlatti, Mozart, Haydn and early Beethoven.

"Understanding Astrology" is a concise, yet complete course on all the important elements of astrological chart interpretation: the signs, planets, houses and aspects. In addition, it shows you how you can take the first steps towards interpreting your own natal chart, or those of your friends, family members, etc.

And there's more: you can download the free version of Omnicycles software, that allows you to calculate, and even print out, an unlimited number of astrological charts. Omnicycles is thus the perfect companion to "Understanding Astrology", since the ebook plus software give you all you need to calculate, and to interpret, astrological charts.

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At the tender age of only eleven months, Baby LeRoy is a chubby little bundle of joy - and is no doubt the smartest, sassiest and most "talkative" infant you've ever laid eyes on! True, he can't really talk yet. But that doesn't stop this diminutive genius from telling his stories, and expressing his sometimes not-so-politically correct opinions by typing them into his laptop PC, that faithful companion of his who rivals his stuffed koala, and even his shapely Mexican nanny, for his attention.

It is recommended that you do not eat or drink while enjoying the insights of this alarmingly outspoken baby, for you may end up having a laugh fit, and that could have some embarrassing consequences!