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Genre: social criticism, humor, psychology, philosophy,
              sci-fi, religion, politics... all in one!

What would you talk about if you had the chance to meet a real "Alien" - a highly intelligent Reptilian from a far-away planet that is only too generous with his views on virtually any topic imaginable?

Professors Robert and Daniel, whose political views are about as compatible as oil and water, suddenly find themselves the captives of just such a stranger, and decide to make the best of a scary situation by engaging their unwanted host in a most fascinating conversation, in order to find out how aliens view the present-day situation in our world.

Along the way, they touch on subjects as diverse as society, politics, education, crime and punishment, economics, religion, self-improvement, crop circles, music, and the frustrations involved when dealing with people whose gender is not immediately discernible.

The extraterrestrial creature may have a somewhat peculiar sense of humor (which he displays when least expected), yet he also has a number of profound insights to share with mankind. Believe it or not, he answers once and perhaps for all certain questions that have long plagued us:

Was the Kennedy assassination really a conspiracy or not?

Is believing in God reasonable, or is it more sensible to be an atheist?

Should a rational person accept the idea that aliens from other planets are visiting us?

Which political party's views make more sense: those of the Democrats, or the Republicans - or perhaps neither?

What should America - or any other country, for that matter - do to overcome unemployment, and become prosperous once again?

Even if you think you know some of those answers already, prepare to be surprised, for the workings of the Reptilian mind will lead you down mental paths that though occasionally shocking, are ultimately most illuminating.

And as if all of that weren't enough, the loquacious lizard gives practical guidelines on how anyone - be he or she alien, or as human as you or I - can improve him/herself in just about any area of life, and become happier as well!

In addition to providing several hours of humorous, enlightening entertainment, the chapters of this book flow on the undercurrent of a deeper message - namely, that it is only through tolerance and understanding of the beliefs of others that we will ever be able to settle our differences, and create a prosperous, peaceful world.

Over 200 pages of enlightening entertainment!