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Many Catholics today are asking questions such as “Is it a mortal sin to miss Mass?”, or “Do the devil, and hell, really exist or not?”, and yet they are not receiving the direct answers they deserve.

Instead, they are being “comforted” by the feel-good rhetoric of many priests and those higher up who are alarmed by the great drop-off in church attendance during the past decades.

Unfortunately, even the official Catechism of the Catholic Church does not always give completely unambiguous answers to many questions. Yet here, you will finally be able to see just what it is that the Church teaches today on this, and other issues.

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A central dogma of the Church – the Eucharist, and transubstantiation – is also discussed, along with the modern attitudes that numerous Catholics have adopted where this sacrament is concerned.

Do your beliefs about the Eucharist really correspond to what the Catholic Church teaches? And do you even fully know what those teachings are? In this book, you will find the answers.

The true beliefs of the Church regarding Hell and the Devil are also presented clearly and unambiguously, using the Catechism as a reference.

In “To Hell with You! The Catholic Church's Catechism on mortal Sin, and why You might deserve eternal Damnation”, the author examines different sections of the Catechism, and puts the pieces together in order to obtain the answers Catholics seek.

In addition, certain traditional stances and beliefs of the Church are considered, and thought through to their inevitable conclusions – conclusions that may come as quite a surprise to you!

The author recalls what he was taught during twelve years of Catholic education back in the '60s and '70s, and compares this with what young people are hearing today in those same institutions – a comparison which you will find quite enlightening, to say the least.

Though spiced with occasional humor, this book is in fact a serious analysis of several Church doctrines that are important to all Catholics. And in addition, it represents an appeal to the Church hierarchy to give its followers honest answers to simple questions – something that in recent decades, Church leaders have apparently been trying to avoid.

Whether you are a practicing, or a more “casual” Catholic, a Protestant, a member of another faith, or even a complete atheist, “To Hell with You!” will give you a great deal of insight into some of the fundamental doctrines and dogmas of one of the world's greatest religions – Roman Catholicism.