Interviews with Psychics
Book: A True Ghost Story


-You hand an old man a photo of someone unknown to him, and he proceeds to tell you all sorts of facts about the person: illnesses, character, personality - and without even looking at the photo!

- An attractive young student of law with the "sixth sense", who is able to describe many details of your family's living room - even though she has never been to your country, and has never seen a photo of that room.

- A clairvoyant whom you have just met tells you the story of one of your past reincarnational lives, containing details which bear a clear, and very eerie correspondence to your present-life circumstances.

These were just three of the amazing experiences with psychics that I had over a period of fifteen years. "Seven Psychics - My Sojourn in the Realm of Clairvoyance" tells the full story of just what these individuals were able to reveal, using only their uncanny powers. In addition, you will learn how to evaluate apparent psychic occurrences to test their validity, and also, how to go about finding a true, reputable psychic to consult, so that you can avoid falling victim to the many fraudulent "fortune tellers" out there.

Many years ago, I was totally skeptical about claims of "psychic abilities" - that alleged "sixth sense" that allows certain individuals to see things about other people and their lives - past, present and even future - things that there is no "logical" way for them to know about.

Yet over a fifteen-year period, my disbelief gradually dissolved through encounters that I had with a number of true psychics.

"Seven Psychics - My Sojourn in the Realm of Clairvoyance" is the fascinating true story of my meetings with these gifted individuals: what they were able to reveal to me about myself, other people, and even my future. These experiences convinced me that clairvoyance is indeed not only possible, but very real - and can sometimes even be found in "normal" people like you or me, as is convincingly shown in the book.

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Decades ago, I was walking home late on a very cold January night, when I had the most mysterious experience of my entire life: I saw, with my own eyes, a ghost!

I did not even believe in such things at the time, yet naturally, the event left me with a sense of awe, wonderment, and insatiable curiosity about things that I had hitherto thought impossible.

Read about what happened to me that night in "A True Ghost Story", and ask yourself whether such an occurrence would not make a "believer" out of you, too!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a psychic? I myself had always been intrigued by this question, and decided to find out.

In "Interviews with Psychics", you will read the conversations I had with three different professional psychics, who answer questions such as:

- How do psychics receive their visions?

- What does it feel like to be psychic?

- Did they always have these "special powers", or did they develop them over time?

- Are there any questions from clients they would refuse to answer?

...and much more.