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Book:An Alien Perspective on Belief and Reason

You will learn, step by step, how to go about acquiring the knowledge and skills you need to master the language of your choice. Here are the most effective methods for expanding your vocabulary, mastering grammar, acquiring an excellent pronunciation, and above all, learning to actually converse in a foreign language.

Yet even the best tools for language acquisition can only be as effective as the mind of the learner.

How many people are shy when it comes to speaking another language?

And how often does it happen that after a while, you might simply get bored with learning, no matter how enthusiastic you were when you first got started?

Here’s where “Language Learning - Outside the Box!” goes way beyond conventional methods. For decades, the author has been using his knowledge of fields such as psychology, philosophy, and mind control to help people overcome their learning-related fears, and to reach their goals.

Now, you can use these amazingly powerful techniques to take your language learning skills to a new level.

“Language Learning - Outside the Box!” will...

- Show you how to strengthen your self-confidence, so that you truly and fully believe you can reach your language learning goal.

- Give you an invaluable tool to examine just how much you really want to achieve that goal.

- Teach you how to harness your own “inner monologue”, so that you can use it to help you master a language.

- Help you to overcome boredom in the learning process.

- Show you how to form powerful positive habits that will never fail to support you while working towards mastery of your chosen language.

- Even enlighten you as to how to increase your passion for learning – since the more passionate you are about reaching your goal, the less you will need discipline. With true passion, learning is not only easy: it’s really fun, too!

In “Language Learning - Outside the Box!”, you will also see how some real-life language experts reached their learning goals by using both their common sense, and their capacity for original thinking.

For less than the price of a single private language class, you will soon be using some of the most effective language-learning techniques around – techniques that the author has been developing, refining and instructing for over thirty years, while teaching students like yourself in several different countries.

After reading this book, you will never again approach language learning in the same old way!

Anyone who is learning a foreign language will not want to miss this free E-Guide.

It offers sound, practical advice on how you can acquire excellent pronunciation, expand your vocabulary, master grammar, and engage in conversation in another language. Far from representing a “standard approach” to the subject, “The Secrets of Successful Language Learning” gives suggestions that are often very unconventional, yet always extremely effective. No matter whether you are now a beginner, or have already reached an advanced level of study: if your goal is to truly master a foreign language, then this book is for you!

Now you can learn the 101 most common English Phrasal Verbs, with an absolute minimum of effort!

Order this mp3 audio download today, and forget about struggling to memorize those difficult phrasal verbs. Simply listen to the audio while you jog, drive, cook, or just relax - you will soon be using the phrasal verbs correctly, without having to study a list.

Learning phrasal verbs has never been so easy!

Here's what you get...

- More than 100 mp3 audio files, each one dealing with one or more of the most common English phrasal verbs.

In these recordings, I speak a bit slowly, and very clearly so even if your English is only at the intermediate level, you won't have any trouble understanding me.

- A special extra file containing a story. This one story - about 12 minutes in length - contains all of the phrasal verbs treated in the other files (more than 100 altogether). By listening to this entertaining story a number of times, you will soon have a good understanding not only of the meanings of the phrasal verbs, but above all, their correct usage.

- A PDF file containing the entire text of the story, so that you can read it while listening.

Also, this file has a written phrasal verbs list of all the phrasal verbs in the package, together with their meanings, expressed in simple English.

This product is one of a kind; if you want to finally master the phrasal verbs, it is something you will surely want to own! Click here for more information.

Are you a native speaker of Spanish, and are you tired of making the same mistakes over and over again when you speak English?

Or perhaps you teach English to native Spanish speakers, and would like to help your students take their English to the next level?

If so, you won’t want to miss this unique PDF E-Guide with accompanying mp3 audio files. Improve your English: eliminate your mistakes!

Based on twenty years experience teaching English to native Spanish speakers, this powerful package is virtually one of a kind.

You will receive the complete book in two formats:

1) As a PDF E-Guide. Color-coding is used to easily distinguish between correct sentences, incorrect sentences, and the Spanish language translations.

For instance...

2) You will also receive the complete, 64-page E-Guide in mp3 audio format. All you have to do is load the files into your mp3 player, and then listen while walking, jogging, shopping, waiting in lines, cooking or cleaning at home, or just relaxing. This way, you can gradually eliminate all those embarrassing mistakes you make when speaking English, without losing any time at all!

Note: Except for sample sentences, the written/spoken text is all in English, so that you will be able to practice your reading and listening skills, in addition to eliminating the most common mistakes you make. In the audio files, I speak slowly and clearly, so anyone who has an intermediate level of English will be able to understand me without any problems. And since the complete text is also in the PDF book, you can follow the text while listening, if you wish.

If you are a native Spanish speaker, and you want to finally bring your English to the next level, you owe it to yourself to take advantage of this offer.

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