Do you play a musical instrument? Here are the best ways to memorize music, explained step-by step. Build a repertoire of pieces that you can play without the score!

Though mainly for those who play the piano, or other keyboard instrument, these methods can also be used profitably by those who play other instruments. Subjects dealt with include (among others):

- Three basic types of music memorization

- "Finger memory" and all that is involved in it

- Memorizing by hearing

- Memorizing from the score


- How I memorize music        - Learning a piece better by... not practicing it!

- How to deal with frustration when memorizing

If you are a musician, and wish to systematically expand your memorized repertoire, this book is for you!

This short report shows quite convincingly why practically any 5-octave digital keyboard should feature a range of F1 to f3, and not C to c4, as almost all of them have these days.

Admittedly, this topic is one which will only interest specialists, but it is the author's hope that this report will eventually reach a digital keyboard manufacturer, who might then be inspired to produce keyboards with the proper range for playing all of the keyboard music of the great composers of the 18th century: Bach, Handel, Scarlatti, Mozart, Haydn and early Beethoven.

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